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Acrylic Painting: Getting Some Sun

Going out and staring at cows in a field is something I find pretty entertaining. They have an attitude which is primarily laid back, providing a rather mellowing effect on the soul. Possibly they also match my hopeful view of the world—that everyone, like cattle, would be willing to be who they really are and not be afraid to go with that.

Plus, as an artist painting cows there’s the satisfaction that, like grandparents sitting children, at the end of the day when the fun is over, the responsibility goes elsewhere while you get to go home.

Be honest. You’ve stopped and mooooed at them yourself, haven’t you? Aha!



Painting, Yardview, 12x12"

Wow, who says that Winter is dull? A bit of sun, some seriously changing sky, ivy, reflected light, richly colored grasses and a Magnolia that stays the same green 365 days straight – fantastic. All from the front yard looking at the neighborhood. No need to travel to find great models for painting.

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