Brett LaGue

Paintings & Drawings

The thing that appeals to me so much about a piece of historic landscape is the hundred years battle that takes place between man and nature during the passage of time. Man builds it. Nature tries to reclaim it. Man builds new and fixes the old which only last so long before natural elements try to intervene. Eventually, layers build up on the land, each being a combination of growth, construction, use, and decay.

It becomes its own fascinating and complicated life form. With more changes to come.


Roughed out for the purposes of a workshop demonstration and then saved to be used in another, this is a view of the H&C Coffee and Dr. Pepper signs painted from the balcony of the Taubman Museum in Roanoke, VA.  Having gotten off to a good start the painting kicked around my studio for several months. Each time I picked it up the nagging feeling that the few extra steps required to finish it would ruin it’s impromptu feel. Eventually, the desire to complete it won out. Placing myself mentally back on the balcony with a nice fall breeze, I went for it.

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