Brett LaGue

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Painting, Yardview, 12x12"

Wow, who says that Winter is dull? A bit of sun, some seriously changing sky, ivy, reflected light, richly colored grasses and a Magnolia that stays the same green 365 days straight – fantastic. All from the front yard looking at the neighborhood. No need to travel to find great models for painting.

Painting, Tree Study

All the details pop out in wintertime. Snow isn’t always needed to highlight that. Rocks, red cedar needles in dark tones, bare branches showing off moss and lichen crossing every which a way – there’s such a physical presence to it that it really pulls me in. A cloudy sky pulls all the elements together and makes the details a tight mass of material.

I came across a new spot today while out poking around back roads with a perfect example of the presence and believe there are other scenes to be had there.

Now, if we can only get a few more January days when it’s 60 degrees. That will be the tricky part.

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