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Muscle Beach

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A few old movies on TV and suddenly it’s like a groovy day in California. Surf’s up!

Spring events 2016

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April: Queen City Plein Air, Staunton VA – Lynchburg Plein Air, Lynchburg VA  | May: Watercolor USA 2016, Springfield Art Museum, Springfield MO (juried abstract watercolor, titled “Diving” – Art in Gypsy Hill Park, Staunton VA – Plein Air Demonstration, The Glebe, Botetourt VA | June: Taubman Museum Sidewalk Art Show, Downtown Roanoke, VA – [read more]

“That doesn’t look like you.”

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Sketching is more than just a way to pass the time for me. More of an addiction, really, though a pleasant one. Thoughts, feelings, impressions, moods and direct observations seems to find their way onto a surface eventually. Sometimes in form of watercolors. Sometimes oil pastels. Plein air painting also feels a bit like sketching [read more]

Nature wants her wood back.

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“Nothing lasts forever” is a phrase that sounds like a bad thing. Yes and no on that. Sure, it’s depressing when a new space heater doesn’t last six months but seeing a farm building starting to return to the earth after 70 years time has a certain beauty to it. When coming across something like this scene in “Rooflines,” time [read more]

Looking Ahead

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Paintings, Winter's Eve, 16x20" acrylic.

After adding a large number of summer paintings to my Landscapes page (give it a look), it seemed like a good idea to introduce in a dose of reality to mentally prepare myself for what’s ahead in December, January and February — so I’ll get used to it. Painting outdoors in the winter may be [read more]