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Daisy Buck

Pick a simple subject without defined structure for the beginnings for a good warm up painting or one last easy one. Seems like a great idea.

The problem with this idea is the artist has no place to hide if things don’t go well. No bit of extra detail is going to cover up your glaring errors. Still, simple, straightforward, paintings are so tempting. It will work! Or it won’t. As long as you know in advance it won’t be as easy as you might think, it’s worth the attempt.

From the Pearl S. Buck House during Plein Air Bucks County, Daisy Buck, 16″x12″ acrylic on linen panel.


Getting caught up photographing and scanning artwork can be a lot less exciting than doing the actual paintings. So it isn’t unreasonable, I suppose, to sometimes fall behind. The only downside is having paintings find new homes before they are photographed. So I have no record of them, only memories.

Still, a lot of work (and I do mean a lot) remain. I will be updating the site to include new work from Lynchburg, Bucks County, Paul Smith College (in the adirondacks) as well as goodies from our neighborhood.

First up is this lake painting created as the skies cleared from a major thunderstorm earlier in the day—Bucks County, PA (Plein Air Bucks County, 2016).

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