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Painting, Summer is Here, 40x30" acrylic

Nothing like a sunny day for a walk. The idea for this painting has been rattling around since since a woman in a large hat and sunglasses at the Taubman Museum’s Sidewalk Art Show in 2011. I came across a sketch with this idea worked out last year and thought it would make a strong painting. And then I put the sketchbook away again. SummerIsHereSketch_s
A couple of weeks ago (or four years later if you prefer), when flipping through a sketchbook before stacking it on a shelf, I spotted this drawing again and decided it needed to be painted immediately.
One day later, it was!

Canoeing at Dusk, Painting in acrylic

Here is an example of a painting that had spent the past year in the corner of my studio, quietly waiting for the day I would pick it up, add a bit of paint and call it done.

Begun in Cashiers, NC on my last evening there in 2014, I had quickly pushed through to get the basics down. Using the limited colors of Alizarin Crimson Hue, Ultramarine Blue, Indian Yellow Hue and White (Golden Open Acrylics), the painting was blocked in with some detail added. The canoe moved off quickly requiring me to be sketch mostly from memory.

Back home, the painting soon found itself under a pile of other unfinished works. Recently, however, the need to complete some of these “almost” complete works started to nag at me. This is one of the ones I was quite happy to finish out  – always a tricky business as I prefer to do this from memory instead of a photo (if I have one). Memory can be deceitful.

I’m pleasantly surprised with the results!

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