Brett LaGue

Paintings & Drawings
Float Yellow, painting, 11x14" acrylic

It won’t be much longer before the most colorful wildlife on the James River vanishes for another season. If you visit the Buchanan, VA area in the summer you can’t help but see a host of bright red, yellow and blue crafts of every description floating through the heart of the town. Best to visit them from the hanging bridge. But remember, only four people on the bridge at a time!

Painting, Summer is Here, 40x30" acrylic

Nothing like a sunny day for a walk. The idea for this painting has been rattling around since since a woman in a large hat and sunglasses at the Taubman Museum’s Sidewalk Art Show in 2011. I came across a sketch with this idea worked out last year and thought it would make a strong painting. And then I put the sketchbook away again. SummerIsHereSketch_s
A couple of weeks ago (or four years later if you prefer), when flipping through a sketchbook before stacking it on a shelf, I spotted this drawing again and decided it needed to be painted immediately.
One day later, it was!

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