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Painting, Tree Study

All the details pop out in wintertime. Snow isn’t always needed to highlight that. Rocks, red cedar needles in dark tones, bare branches showing off moss and lichen crossing every which a way – there’s such a physical presence to it that it really pulls me in. A cloudy sky pulls all the elements together and makes the details a tight mass of material.

I came across a new spot today while out poking around back roads with a perfect example of the presence and believe there are other scenes to be had there.

Now, if we can only get a few more January days when it’s 60 degrees. That will be the tricky part.


The thing that appeals to me so much about a piece of historic landscape is the hundred years battle that takes place between man and nature during the passage of time. Man builds it. Nature tries to reclaim it. Man builds new and fixes the old which only last so long before natural elements try to intervene. Eventually, layers build up on the land, each being a combination of growth, construction, use, and decay.

It becomes its own fascinating and complicated life form. With more changes to come.

This painting is sold.

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